Sunday, December 11, 2011

Quiddage review

My favourate Quiddage part had to be the senior team Quiddage. There were heaps of buissness and people. My business was also HOT!

My least favorite part is not having customers at all and I get sad.

A)My jobs are roadie,police,computer help desk and teller.
B)I have done well with my jobs and I love them and I work hard.

A)My business that I own has two employee (Harry and Ferg) and they are really good and easy to work with.
B)I own Fusion Games with Dounken Donuts .It is a really business and people love donuts.

I have made over 1000 singes in one day and the teachers loved the business too.

Next time I would be more organised in Quiddage and wright better job applications and get more jobs

I've learnt to control my money and have a useful business and do not spend for fun.

My maths!

Monday, December 5, 2011

visual language

it is a becutitful page and i worked hard on it